What is Nicole's House?

Northwest Arkansas transitional housing for women coming out of addiction.

Nicole’s House is a faith-based non-profit, dedicated to helping women transition back into their community while they recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

Our members reside at Nicole’s House for one year while engaging in a program of not only recovery but a program addressing all aspects of their lives.

Daily attendance at an in-house Bible study and weekly attendance in a Christian based church will be encouraged.

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House rules are established on moral and Judeo-Christian values.

Nicole’s House believes that assisting women to overcome their addiction will not only improve their lives, but the lives of those in the surrounding community.  Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs like Nicole’s House are shown to increase rates of employment, help people obtain stable living arrangements, improve mental and physical health, and enhance interpersonal relationships. The improvements to the individual, their community and society are almost too numerous to mention.

One of the most important and far-reaching effects of Nicole's House will be seen through the positive impact it has on families who have been negatively affected by their loved one’s addiction. These families often face poverty, strained or broken relationships and separation from spouses or parents. The positive healing and restorative effects offered by Nicole's House will be dramatic: mothers can regain custody of their children, provide for their families and become productive members of their community.

The impact Nicole's House will have on our community will be nothing short of astounding.

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