Qualifying for the Program:

1. Complete the application for entrance.  Please be sure to include a good contact number.

2. Participate in an interview with Nicole’s House staff/advisory
council members.

3. Applicants must have a minimum of 30 days of proven sobriety.

4. There is no cost for the program.  Residents are responsible for their own court costs, fines or fees.

5. Nicole’s House will provide transportation to DHS, court, medical appointments, and other necessary approved travel.

6. Residents may be instructed not to pursue employment for the first 30-90 days of the program.  Employed residents may be required to pay a percentage of “rent”.  Some monies may be saved on the resident’s behalf upon exiting the program.

7. Nicole’s House can assist with applying for birth certificates, food stamps, Medicaid, affordable healthcare, etc.

8. Resident are required to assist with housekeeping chores, meal preparation, serving and clean up.

9. Residents will be assigned a sponsor and a mentor.  Residents are required to attend NA and AA meetings on a regular basis and participate in a recovery program, as well as house activities, services and Christ-centered programs.

10. There is no smoking inside Nicole’s House.

11. Prescriptions and over the counter medications may be subject to a lock-down/check-out procedure.

12. Residents may be required be required to complete  TB test prior to being admitted to Nicole’s House.

Admission Request